Conscious Web & Graphic Design



Websites and landing pages can be built like pizzas; as simple or extravagant as taste and budget allows. A simple 2 layer pizza can be exquisitely delicious. Just like a website.


Your vision inspires mine.  Simple, complicated, or classic – I can flow in any direction.  And I am dedicated to getting your vision across.

Graphic Design

Brochures, business cards, postcards, labels, flyers — you name it, I can make it. And I always do it with a big smile on my face.  Because I love design.


Lon Art

Sacred Geometry Design

Premier Healthcare Group

Medical Billing & Managed Care

Dr. Patricia Suzuki

Distinctive Medical Solutions

Crystaline Energy Care

Energy Balancing

The Mindful Babe

Dating & Mindset Coach

Dr. Carol Schumacher

Holistic Health Coach

Websites, graphic design, and contemporary Sacred Geometry have my passionate and undivided attention.  The way I work is the way I live: consciously, heart wide open with an ongoing desire to learn, express and connect.


I work fast and provide original, artistic and creative solutions to bring your vision and message to life – whether you are a large company, a small business, or an inspired entrepreneur.


Your vision inspires mine.


Ready for your Website or Logo?

Starting a website, having an online presence, creating a logo, growing your social media, all this might be what you want to dive into.

I would love to support you creating something that is vibrational aligned with you and your vision.

If you love my art, then know that I bring that high vibration and consciousness into everything that I do, including all my designs and websites. I offer a balance between the practical and spiritual :)

Let's create together, Beautiful!
XOXO,  Lon ✨