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Modern Merlin – ONLINE COURSE


The Modern Merlin Magic Journey includes:

  • Journey in a community group setting
  • Personal guidance and support with 6 Live Zoom group meetings.
  • Set start and finish date
  • Ongoing community through Facebook Group.

Go on the Modern Merlin Magic Journey.

From the comfort of your own home,  join me on an adventure deep into the realms of Magic, Manifestation, Energy, Multidimensionality, Sacred Geometry, and the Law of Attraction to uncover your inherent magical powers and to help you understand the patterns that create the outcomes and constructs of your life.

Build community through journeying with a group of like minded seekers and stay connected through through Private Facebook group.  This course has a set start date, and 6 live Zoom meetings in which we will all get together to connect, bond, address questions, expectations and nurture progress.  I will be with you every step of the way through your journey to uncover your magical powers.

  • First Zoom is before we begin the Course
  • Second Zoom is after Module 2 of Part 1
  • Third Zoom after we finish Part 1: Foundations
  • Fourth Zoom is after Module 2 of Part 2: You
  • Fifth Zoom is after we finish Part 2: You
  • Sixth Zoom is after we finish the Course and Part 3: Your Life

Included are dynamic, full screen video presentations, visual meditations, a full downloadable color workbook, and access to the online Modern Merlin Community through Facebook Groups and Zoom.

PART 1 is all about FOUNDATIONS.  Foundations are important because they hold the base on which things are built. We are going to build a foundation for reality by assembling the elements of a new belief system. 

PART 2 is about YOU.  You are the generator of your experience of your reality and thus your life. 

PART 3 is about YOUR LIFE.  Here we are going to put it all together and integrate the new paradigms into a workable model for your life. 

Please read the Copyrights & Disclaimers before purchasing HERE 

Full Course

Full Course, Full Course PLUS ONE one-on-one session, Full Course PLUS THREE one-one-one sessions


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