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Are you wondering what is going on with your relationship?
Would you like to understand on a deeper level why circumstances and people show up in your life?
Do you have a vision but feel that there is something in the way of accomplishing it?

I got you, Beautiful! ✨  In my 50 minute Readings we will deepen your connection to your own magic and inner guidance, and open you up to the guidance of the Universe.


Whether you want to gain insight and understanding of what is happening in your life, or how to get from where you are to where you want to go, I got you!

These readings open your connection to your higher self and the Divine for deeper insights and new perspectives, and integrates body, mind, soul and spirit.  We will enter a state of openness so we can be in communication with Spirit and the Universe.

While tuning into your energy and vibration I will access the multidimensional layers of you that you and I will explore and use to ingrate your everyday life with.  

We will look for patterns and deeply buried treasure in your subconscious so we can bring your heart, soul and mind in alignment and create a stay of coherence that will send a clear vibrational signal out to the universe.  

Of course, we will use my oracle decks throughout all sessions!

All sessions are subject to copyrights and disclaimers


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